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When we first discovered the concept of cooking on cedar planks, it became evident that there was no better way to cook salmon on a barbeque. Cooking on cedar planks is a wonderful combination of old world cooking methods and modern day ease.

In the Pacific Northwest and Atlantic Northeast where salmon is plentiful, cooking on cedar planks evolved as the most foolproof and delicious method of cooking. Anyone who has tried to grill salmon on the BBQ has experienced the difficulties of holding the meat together and keeping the fish moist.

There is no question that cedar grilling methods work exceptionally well with fish, particularly salmon, but there are many other delicious meats than may be planked with a variety of methods. The wonderful smoky flavour and aroma that is a product of planking, only adds to the entertainment experience.

The search to find the best cedar planks worthy of grilling the finest fillets yielded somewhat limited results. There were many rough-sawn boards that appeared to be leftovers from the lumberyard, inspiring us to create the best grilling planks on the market.

First and foremost, our planks have been custom milled using only the finest untreated, kiln-dried, clear Canadian Western Red Cedar.  After milling, the planks are branded with the Cedar Grilling logo then shrink-wrapped to keep them clean and hygienic.

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